Combimouse merges keyboard and mouse [Video]

It may look odd, but this ergonomic keyboard promises to free up your desk from the tyranny of your mouse.  Well, from the tyranny of a separate mouse, anyway; the handiwork of an Australian inventor, the Combimouse turns the right-side of the keyboard into the mouse itself, using cleverly placed contacts to figure out when you're trying to use it to to control your cursor.Video demos after the cut

In mouse mode, the I, O, J, K, L and < buttons all become mouse buttons, while there's a scroll-wheel on the bottom right-hand corner of the left keyboard half.  There are also multimedia keys and a numeric keypad accessed with a num-lock button.

According to the inventor, the Combimouse makes spreadsheet data entry, FPS gaming and general computing more straightforward; you can also use just the right-hand mouse portion with a laptop keyboard, as shown in this photo.  Unfortunately they're still looking for hardware and manufacturing partners, so right now the Combimouse isn't available to buy.

[via Oh Gizmo!]