ColorWare Stealth MacBook Pro: $6k matte-black laptop

At the other end of the scale from ASUS' new Eee PC colors comes an admittedly more-tempting prospect: ColorWare's Stealth MacBook Pro.  Taking a 15-inch 3.06GHz MacBook Pro as its base, the ink-wielders then throw their own soft-touch "zero gloss" finish at the unibody casing, and finish off the display with a matte coating.

Apparently the casing is fingerprint-resistant, which is probably a good thing as people will be desperately trying to claw it out of your hands.  Inside things are top-spec too, with 8GB of DDR3 memory, a 256GB SSD and a DVD burner.

That sort of configuration alone will cost you around $4,249 from Apple, but as we've seen before ColorWare aren't in the business of under-charging for their work.  Only ten of these Stealth MacBook Pro units will be made, priced at $6,000 each.

[via Gizmodo]