ColorWare splash custom ink on the Magic Trackpad

ColorWare have already waved their magic ink-pot at Apple's recent Mac mini and iPhone 4, so it comes as little surprise to see the Magic Trackpad next up for a custom paint-job.  $145 gets you a brand new Magic Trackpad finished in the color scheme of your choosing, though given the Apple peripheral's minimalist design, there isn't a huge amount of room for flexibility.

In fact, you can choose two colors: one for the main body of the Magic Trackpad, and the other for the touchpad surface itself.  ColorWare's usual range of solid, metallic and pearl finish paints are available, and the end result can be as tasteful or as wretched as your wallet and conscience allows.

Alternatively, if you've already bought a Magic Trackpad but still fancy a new look, you can send it in and pay $75 for the re-painting process.  Turnaround is roughly three weeks time; resale value depends on your restraint.