Color image sharing app sorts by location (& gets privacy zealots worried)

Privacy advocates and social networking addicts alike are all aflutter over new image sharing app Color today, a start-up with $41m of investment and a desire to get proximal photos onto your screen at the same time. Available for iOS and Android, Color allows you to take a photo or video and then upload it for general viewing – hence the privacy concerns, since there's no security or filtering available – and gathered by being taken within a 150ft radius.

So, if you're at a concert you'll see not only your photos but anybody else taking shots using Color as well, while weddings and other social gatherings also seem likely candidates for use. Comments are also supported – and freely accessible - and over time the app builds up a dynamic network of those you frequently interact with.

Unfortunately, aside from the privacy concerns, there are other issues giving Color teething pains. The Android version of the app is being heavily criticized as a "poor port from the iPhone" with forced-closes, basic features like image rotation absent, and an underwhelming UI. Still, with all that money in the bank, we don't imagine it'll be long before the early issues are ironed out.