Collapsible Guitar makes transport easy

When he's not busy basking in the glow of being related to me, my brother plays in a number of bands.  In fact he's been touring with them – several musicians packed into a van, with space very much at a premium.  I've a feeling that despite his high-brow taste in instruments he might still have given these Stow-Away Guitars a second look, if only for the ensuing benefit of being able to stretch his legs out without catching them on an errant G-string (of the musical sort, of course).

The "Clip Joint" connecting the neck and the body easily detaches, allowing the whole fret section to be stored in an open section on the back.  Aside from the lack of visible head the instrument is standard in appearance, though there's no telling what might happen if you indulge in a little end-of-gig axe destruction.  Have the manufacturers tested what happens if it's swung around and smashed into a wall of amplifiers?

Stow-Away Guitar [via OhGizmo!]