CogniToys Dino, powered by IBM's Watson, up for preorder

CogniToys' Dino, a toy powered by IBM's Watson, has entered production and is available for pre-order. CogniToys are smart toys that connect to the Internet and, according to the company, "grow alongside your child." In addition to IBM Watson, the Dino toy — a fun-looking dinosaur that comes in a couple colors — features Elemental Path's Friendgine tech. The Dino is priced at $99 USD.

CogniToys' smart toys are connected to the Internet and can be personalized, learning things about the child like his or her favorite color and what interests them. It offers educational features in custom modules, including things like teaching spelling and rhyming, math, vocabulary, and more. The toys are speech-enabled and can receive commands as well as listen to jokes and more.

For their part, parents can control the CogniToys, including Dino, using an Android or iOS app. Parents have access to a Parent Panel where details like engagement activity are available, as well as restrictions that can be set. For example, parents can restrict access during bedtime hours.

The CogniToys Dino is up for preorder internationally for $99 USD, and is available in two colors: blue and bright green. CogniToys estimates the preordered units will be delivered this upcoming March; buyers will get notifications when the units ship out (of if a delay happens).