Coffee Machines for the lazy

If you're in the market for a fancy coffee machine, but are terribly terribly lazy and can't be bothered to learn all the proper tricks of the barista trade, then possibly Siemens or Nespresso have the machine for you.  First off, the Surpresso S75 is Siemens' latest fully-automatic espresso maker, taking coffee beans and fresh water then grinding, pre-moistening and finally delivering espresso.  The built-in milk frothing tool takes away all that "hold the milk jug at such-and-such an angle" with a hose that goes directly into the milk carton; all you need do is flick the switch and it's drawn up, frothed and dispensed into your cup. 

If you're too lazy even to be bothered touching coffee beans then perhaps a ready-ground solution is more in order.  Check out after the cut for Nespresso's solution to easy coffee in an instant.

Secondly, Nespresso's Gemini CS220 is a freakishly industrial looking beast that uses the pre-ground coffee pods that are growing in popularity.  Pop in a pod, make sure the water tanks are filled (or plumb it in to the water supply) and – if you want a milky drink - that the 1-litre thermally-insulated milk container is full, and you can make two drinks simultaneously with spent pods dropping into one of the pair of internal bins.  Multiple pre-programmed sizes are available.

The Siemens machine costs $1,592, while the Nespresso is priced on request.

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