CoD4 Modern Warfare: see the first 8 minutes of Remastered gameplay

When the newest Call of Duty entry, Infinite Warfare, was announced earlier this year, most of the excitement seemed to focus on the debut of a fully remastered Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, easily the most popular game in the series. While we've only seen a handful of images and brief clips of the new, graphically enhanced version, Activision has now released a video with a full eight minutes of gameplay.

The video features a complete playthrough of the campaign's second mission, "Crew Expendable." This is the second half of Modern Warfare's official opening before the game's title appears, and it's also one of the most memorable chapters of the game's single player mode. Shots from the mission were even featured prominently in the announcement teaser for remastered edition.

All the lighting effects and upgraded textures are more than apparent in the new video, along with just how rain-soaked weapons, gear, and characters are. To give you a better taste of just how improved Modern Warfare Remastered is, here's the same mission from the game's original release in 2007.

Unfortunately, all the commotion from Call of Duty fans about the remaster hasn't been positive. See, you can only get Modern Warfare Remastered if you pre-order the Legacy Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition of Infinite Warfare, releasing on November 4th.

Fans are unhappy because they can't purchase the remaster individually, but even more so because many are displeased with the direction Infinite Warfare has moved, with a far-future setting taking place in outer space. When the trailer was unveiled, there was a massive number of complaints on the YouTube video about Call of Duty moving away from the modern, realistic military themes that players have enjoyed.

Either way, Activision has all but guaranteed that Infinite Warfare will be a hot seller by bundling it with the remastered Modern Warfare. Despite all their gripes, a large majority of those unhappy fans will surely cough up the required $80 anyway.

SOURCE Call of Duty/YouTube