CoD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer detailed: Exos and Day Zero edition

The path of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to your Xbox One, PS4, or PC hasn't been short on interest over the past few months, but today Activision detailed one of the most anticipated features: multiplayer gaming. Featured on a special Xbox stream with Microsoft's Major Nelson, the game mode's highlights all got their official reveal, including how players will pick their teams and gear, and how the new exo-suits will feature.

Those suits will give wearers' greater mobility and speed, as well as increasing the distance that they can jump. There'll be extra advantages baked in, too, with players able to choose between things like medical equipment they can carry, or further shielding.

Even before the match starts, there's greater emphasis on not only the individual player's own kit, but the things that their opponents might be bringing into the arena.

So, before the game starts there's the chance to flick through each of the other players and see what weapons they're carrying, how they've configured their exo-suit, and other details. Meanwhile, individual weapons and other equipment can be combined into different ways, such as making more powerful canons.

Activision calls it Pick 13, and it builds on the existing Pick 10 system from Black Ops 2. Up to thirteen different weapons, attachments, and other things can be selected before each match, and then combined in multiple ways.

Airdrops now vary by type of add-on, and what's delivered will depend on how well players did in the last battle. They're also organized into three categories – Elite, Professional, and Enlisted – depending on how rare they are.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will hit stores on November 4th, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC. If you're really keen, though, you can preorder the "Day Zero Edition" to get the game on November 3rd instead, as well as some extra exo-suit tech and weapons.

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