Coach Laptop by Ben Heck is Perfect for Flying Coach

Evan Selleck - Nov 9, 2010
Coach Laptop by Ben Heck is Perfect for Flying Coach

Ben Heckendorn, better known as Ben Heck, is a well known entity in the “Do It Yourself” market, as well as a name much-aligned with the gadget world as a whole. He’s built plenty of boxes, with whole Xbox 360s tucked away inside, and now he’s focusing his efforts, with some help from element14, on a dual-position laptop. The design is to help those who’ve got to work on their laptop in some tight spaces, and the Coach Laptop may indeed be the perfect solution.

Primarily, the Coach Laptop is meant to work best for those who have to work in a cramped flight. The idea is a pretty simple one: remove the laptop’s display from its traditional hinges, and put it on extended arms, so that it sits above the laptop’s main body. The keyboard sits beneath the display, so that the user can type comfortably on it, but the display is no longer pressed against the seat in front, and you won’t sacrifice viewing angle.

You can watch Heck put the Coach Laptop together in 18 minutes, and you can watch the process right here, which was recently aired on Ben Heck’s show. Heck’s belief is that the new design would be able to help plenty of frequent fliers out there, who are forced to work in a cramped spot, and don’t have a way to alleviate the situation. This looks like a great idea to us.

[via Electronista]

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