Xbox 360 Slim Made Portable Thanks to Ben Heck [Video]

Evan Selleck - Oct 12, 2010, 11:23 am CDT
Xbox 360 Slim Made Portable Thanks to Ben Heck [Video]

Ben Heck may not be in the tech news every day, but that doesn’t stop him from creating some of the best casemods anyone has ever seen. This time around, he’s managed to get the new Xbox 360 Slim tucked away into a nice case, where portability becomes a real option. As anyone who keeps track of Heck’s work can attest, the new set-up may not be for everyone, but there’s certainly some improvements made that would make anyone take a second look.

According to Heck, this new Xbox 360 casemod is about 1.5 inches skinnier, and an inch shorter than the Xbox 360 mod he created back in 2009. Pretty impressive when you consider that the system now has the power supply inside the box, and manages to run even quieter than before. Heck managed to make sure that the 360 Slim’s touch-sensitive Power and Eject buttons still work, too.

You’ll be playing your favorite Xbox 360 titles on the 17-inch Gateway LCD, which will let you enjoy your games in glorious 720p HD. Unfortunately, you won’t be finding these new casemods in any of your local electronic retailers. Ben Heck has made three models, one of which he plans to give away on his new show. The other two will be available through his store, so if you’ve got the funds saved up, you can buy yourself one.


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