CM Apps bring CyanogenMod to the masses

Chris Burns - May 19, 2014
CM Apps bring CyanogenMod to the masses

Even if you’ve never wanted to root or hack your smartphone before, if you’re an Android fan, CyanogenMod should be on your radar. This brand belongs to a group of developers that took the ROM-making environment so seriously that they formed their own company around creating a 3rd-party Android system. This user interface is now spawning a “CM Apps” collection as well.

CyanogenMod is a ROM – more importantly, it’s an operating system built using Android as its source. The team behind CyanogenMod have created a user interface so impressive that they are – far and away – the most-used Android-based 3rd-party ROM creators in the world today.

The team behind CyanogenMod have also been creating their own apps over the past several years. Now that the apps are impressive enough to want on their own, the team have created a collection which any ROM can make use of separate from CyanogenMod itself.

Inside this set you’ll find Apollo, Clock widget, DSP Manager, File Manager, Sound Recorder, Calculator, Trebuchet, Torch, and Wallpapers.

With Apollo you’ll have a super-simple audio file player. With Trebuchet, you’ve got another super-simple UI, this time for launching your apps and directing your interface operability. Trebuchet looks very, very similar to the “Vanilla” version of Android 4.4 KitKat.

This collection is available through Google Play for free. Have a search for CM Apps and you’ll find it – this app is distributed by Maarten Dekkers.

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