Cloud-based Windows 10 Action Center will also be on Android

Microsoft has been teasing bits and pieces of what both Windows 10 users and developers can expect in the upcoming Anniversary Update, and one of them involves the often taken for granted notifications. Already a substantial improvement over the Windows 8 notification, the Action Center in Windows 10 is about to get a major facelift as well as functionality augmentations. In particular, cloud-based notifications will allow users to see and even dismiss notifications on any device. And yes, that does include Android as well.

First of all, the Action Center will soon be getting what was first called "Cards", calling to mind Google's own convention for presenting results. The name has since been dropped but the idea remains the same. Entries in the Action Center will present more information in bigger boxes. In fact, Microsoft is also planning to put in Tiles inside Action Center at some point.

Somewhat a bit more interesting is that many of the Action Center changes will be available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Android. The latter is more focused on notifications and will require the use of Cortana. Cortana already syncs up reminders and notes between Windows 10 and Android, so notifications are just the logical next step. With the upcoming feature, it will be possible to dismiss an Android phone notification from the PC, for example.

And it's not just about passive actions either. As teased in the Anniversary Update, it will also be possible for Windows 10 users to take action on some Android notifications, for example reply to text messages, right from their PC.

These and other planned features are expected to drop in summer together with the promised Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It is, perhaps, a clear example of how Microsoft is de-emphasizing its own Window Phone as a distinct platform, focusing instead on Windows 10 everywhere, even when that includes Android.

VIA: WinBeta