Classic Steve Jobs interviews released on iTunes

A cache of classic Steve Jobs appearances has been released free of charge, showing the iconic CEO and founder of Apple in some of his most enthusiastic, sage and contrary moments. Filmed at various AllThingsD conferences, spread between 2003 and 2010, the six segments include the memorable moment Jobs shared the stage with Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Their release follows current Apple CEO Tim Cook's appearance at AllThingsD 10 this past week, where the new chief exec talked US manufacturing, acquisitions, Siri and – unsurprisingly – Steve Jobs himself. There's a full round-up of Cook's discussions here.

Back in 2003, Jobs had not long re-taken the helm at Apple, and spent much of his time discussing where he felt the company would go in the coming years. By his 2004 appearance, Apple had successfully launched iTunes and was beginning its recreation, going on to talk about an "iPod phone" in 2005.

That device – the iPhone – came on stage with Jobs in 2007, ahead of its retail launch. Jobs remaining two appearances – with Gates, also in 2007, and then in 2010 when he discussed the iPad – are also available to download.

You can find all of the videos available to download, for free, at iTunes [iTunes link].