Clari-Fi Music in for review - it's really small

So I wrote this article the other day regarding the Clari-Fi and suggested that it might be a waste of money. Well, the company contacted me and promptly shipped me a unit for review; I am pleased to say that it is not a total waste of money as previously suggested.

I can't quite confirm that its worth $60, but the documentation that came with it said you wouldn't really notice the difference until you'd been using it for a couple weeks and then switched back to just headphones. However some initial tests did show a favorable correction of the audio from my iPod Touch.

By the way, the documentation also said that the better the headphones you are using the more likely you are to hear the difference so I am using my Bose Tri-Ports, which will hopefully be sufficient. Like I said, I have so far noticed a difference, it does in fact lower the volume, and it also has saved me a marginal, yet noticeable amount of battery life. So, I'm going to give it a couple of weeks and report back with my findings, but if you considered buying one, I definitely would not argue with you regarding the purchase.