Clari-Fi headphone adapter cleans the audio from your MP3 player

So you know how you have to compress your audio in order to fit it on your MP3 player, mainly because those lossless formats aren't really supported, but also because the files are freaking huge. Well supposedly this little thing goes between cleans up the audio, somehow filling in the blank spaces.

Anyways, the end result is supposedly better audio quality is going to your headphones, speakers, or whatever else you connect to this thing. The supposed technology allows for real-time compression, removal of harmful digital artifacts and audio spikes.

The whole process will be done while maintaining the music's acoustic tonal quality and bettering its clarity and richness. They make two different versions, one for podcasts and one for music, and both supposedly draw power from the headphone jack, which means you can likely expect to get screwed out of $50 or $60 and have your iPod's battery drained faster.

[via OhGizmo]