Cisco FlipShareTV streamer system outed by FCC

The FCC has kindly outed Cisco's latest device, the FlipShareTV, seemingly a companion media streamer for the company's Flip range of point-and-shoot camcorders.  The three-part FlipShareTV consists of a remote control, USB dongle for your computer, and a set-top box, with a basic folder-based browsing structure that can be used to view recorded video that has been transferred from the camcorders.

The FlipShareTV STB has both composite audio/video connections and an HDMI port, and both it and the USB transmitter for the PC seemingly use WiFi a/b/g/n rather than any proprietary wireless technology.  As for the remote control, that's the same device we saw back in early October, using RF rather than infrared.

Of course, what the FCC can't tell us is when the FlipShareTV will arrive on shelves, or what Cisco might demand in terms of pricing.  Given the basic functionality we're hoping it'll be a minimal amount, otherwise we can't really see people plumping for the standalone system.

[via Zatz Not Funny]