FCC outs Flip Video remote

The FCC has become a steady source of leaked product shots and scant bits of information on new gadgets and electronics before they are launched. The funny thing to me is that the FCC seems to not care when companies ask for images to be confidential. That may be bad for the company, but it's good for those of us who want to know what products are coming. Case in point is the shot of the Flip Video RF remote control that tipped up today.

Most of us are familiar with the low-cost line of Flip camcorders, which are traditionally some of the most popular camcorders on the market. The reason the Flip line is so popular is in part due to the low cost of the recorders. The downside of low cost is that you don't get the sort of accessories that you do with more expensive gear.

In the case of the Flip line, that means no remote for controlling video from across the room. Apparently, Flip is set to offer a RF remote to allow fans of their camcorders to sit back and control video from across the room. Details are scant on the device, but we know it is made by Foxconn. Engadget reckons that the thing may well be a remote for an unannounced media box for the living room. It does look a bit more complex than what would be needed for simply controlling a video camera, so who knows.