Circuit Scribe Circuitry Drawing Pen Obliterates Funding Goal

A lot of ingenious products get their start on crowd source funding sites like Kickstarter. One of the coolest Kickstarter projects that went from dream to a reality was the 3Doodler, which shipped in October, that let people make 3D artworks. Another very cool product turned up on Kickstarter not too long ago called the Circuit Scribe.

At first glance, the Circuit Scribe looks like a typical ink pen and there is a good reason for that. The Circuit Scribe is an ink pen. It's not the pen that's important or innovative here, it's the ink inside the pen. The Circuit Scribe uses an ink that is designed to conduct electricity. The ink inside the pen was developed by Professor Jennifer Lewis, who currently works for Harvard, along with her graduate students.

The ink inside the Circuit Scribe pen is highly conductive and can be applied to multiple surfaces using the rollerball pen. The ink is instantly drying so it won't smear and damage circuity. The applications for the Circuit Scribe in the DIY world are wide ranging. You can draw your circuits on normal notebook paper and create working electronics.

The Kickstarter project was seeking $85,000 and has obliterated that goal in short order. The project has so far raised $484,348 and still has 21 days to go. Funding for the Circuit Scribe will end on January 1. A pledge of $20 or more will get a pen by June of 2014.

SOURCE: Kickstarter