3Doodler pens ship to Kickstarter backers

One of the coolest products ever to hit Kickstarter was the 3Doodler pen. This is a pen that uses a meltable plastic material to allow users to draw three-dimensional artwork in the air. This particular Kickstarter project obliterated its fundraising goal on Kickstarter in only hours.

Ultimately, it went on to raise over $2 million to come to market. If you're wondering how this thing works in the real world, we got to spend some hands-on time with a 3Doodler last month. The 3Doodler really is as cool as you think it is.

I've always rather thought of this as something like a hot glue gun with a more rigid form of glue. Early Kickstarter backers of the project will be thrilled to hear that the 3Doodler pen is now shipping. If you missed out on the early Kickstarter project, you can still pre-order your own 3Doodler for $99.

The company currently estimates that it will ship units to the people who pre-order now by February 2014. The pen is expected to hit wide retail availability in early 2014. Wide retail availability should mean it's also easier to get replacement strands of plastic for continued artistic fun after you run out of what ships with the 3Doodler.

SOURCE: 3Doodler