CineFix 8-bit Cinema turns popular movies into classic video game renditions

If you've ever wondered what your favorite movie would look like as an 8-bit NES video game, the folks over at CineFix have the answer. Several popular movies have been converted into short 8-bit equivalents and posted on YouTube, some of them complete with simulated in-game controls that make it appear that you're watching classic gameplay in action, such as Kubrick's popular The Shining.

Though you get a bit of 16-bit tossed into the mix, the movies all feature 8-bit galore that tells each movie's story in an abridged fashion, making each video only 3 to 5 minutes long, for the most part. Presently, in addition to The Shining, there's also The Hunger Games, Finding Nemo, Thor, The Dark Knight, Gravity, Iron Man, Anchorman, and more (thirteen in total).

Some Easter eggs of sorts are also thrown into the mix, which those who grew up on classic games will be quick to recognize. One example is in the rendition of Gravity, which is styled as a music video parody, viewers will see bits from Galaga, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Lunar Lander, and Star Castle. There are some other tidbits in the space junk, which you'll have to spot for yourself.

Don't have enough 8-bit in your life? Last month, we reported on Nuclear Throne, a game that brings 8-bit gaming to your PC, Playstation 4, PS Vita, or Mac, depending on your preference. Furthermore, this time last year the 8-bit classic Karateka arrived for Xbox Live Arcade users.

VIA: Geekosystems

SOURCE: CineFix YouTube