Chumby Tux: everyone needs a touchscreen penguin

One day we'll stop posting Chumby case-mods, but nothing cheers up a cold Sunday like a touchscreen penguin.  Modder Ankorite took one of the Chumby guts kits from the MAKE store and squeezed it into a penguin Christmas toy, producing a battery-powered widget and internet radio Tux.

There's a squeeze sensor in the penguin's head, and another couple of switches just behind that can be used to scroll through different widgets.  Still to be made is a back panel to cover up the DC input and give Ankorite somewhere permanent and easily-reachable for the power button.

MAKE still have a limited number of Chumby guts kits in stock, priced at around $120, but they're not expecting to get any more in after they're sold.  Of course, you could always pick up a Chumby One and dismantle it; they're also priced at $120.

[via Twitter]