Chumby Hacker Board makes widget gadget more mod-friendly

When it comes to hacking, chumby has always had a magnanimous attitude towards opening up its widget-based information displays and adding new functionality, in fact they even encourage it.  Now the gates to hack-heaven are open even wider, with the launch of the Chumby Hacker Board: basically the guts of a regular chumby One that has been tweaked to make it more useful for developers.  That includes boosted connectivity and a composite video output.

They've also swapped the somewhat rare PSU connector from the chumby One for an alternative that will work with PSP chargers, plus there are three USB host ports and a four-way control switch with accompanying LEDs.  Beyond that there are plenty of headers for attaching peripherals and sensors, and of course the core 454MHz Freescale iMX.233 processor with 64MB of RAM.  The OS is supplied on a 512MB memory card.

Sold in partnership with Adafruit, the Chumby Hacker Board is currently available in beta form priced at $89.  chumby themselves aren't supporting it, though there's plenty of information out there to get you started, and they recommend that you have some Linux skills before you pick one up.