Chumby gets Pandora web-radio widget

Chumby has been around for some time now, and the team behind it are keeping their promise to release updated features for the squidgy touchscreen companion.  The latest is support for Pandora radio, the streaming online music service that creates custom 'stations' based on your favorite tracks.  Pandora on Chumby allows you to log into you account, listen to existing stations and create new ones, with playback through the integrated speakers.

Pandora can be set as the alarm clock sound, so you can be woken with a track in the style of your choosing.  All of the usual online Pandora controls are apparently there, including the ability to mark currently playing songs as liked or not liked (which affects what music is picked for you next), bookmark them for later research, and a QuickMix function if you don't want to get too involved. 

Chumby is priced at $179.95 and available in three different colors.  It relies on a WiFi network for connectivity.  Currently the Pandora widget is yet to show up in the download section, but presumably existing owners will be able to update their Chumby with it soon. Update: Pandora shows up as a music source, not a widget; simply restart your Chumby and it will update with the new Pandora source.  You can find it in the Music menu.

[via Electronista]