Chrysler forced to recall over 370,000 vehicles due to fastener problem

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 14, 2013
Chrysler forced to recall over 370,000 vehicles due to fastener problem

Chrysler recalled 370,297 SUVs and trucks today due to an issue with a loose fastener, something that has caused 15 accidents. The recall affects vehicles in the United States, Canada, and Mexico primarily, with a small amount being located elsewhere globally. Those with the affected vehicles will get a retainer installed for free to correct the problem.

The recall breaks down to 278,222 SUVS and trucks in the United States, 23,767 in Mexico, 63,321 in Canada, and 4,987 elsewhere. The vehicles affected include Ram 1500 pickup trucks from 2009 to 2012, Chrysler Aspen 2009 models, Dodge Durango 2009 models, and Dodge Dakota trucks from 2009 to 2011. Although 15 accidents have happened, Chrysler says there are no reports of anyone being hurt.

According to the manufacturer, these vehicles have a fastener in the rear axle prone to loosening over time, eventually causing it to fail. When this happens, the axle could lock and result in a crash. Those who own one of the possibly affected vehicles will be notified by Chrysler and will have a retainer installed free of charge to fix the issue.

This follows a recall Chrysler announced late last year, also concerning Ram 1500 and Dodge Dakota vehicles. That recall was for approximately 44,000 trucks and SUVs that were affected by the same loose fastener issue. Then, in November, Chrysler recalled nearly 745,000 Jeep Liberty and Grand Cherokees because of problems with the airbags.

[via Reuters]

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