Chromecast support expands: Bitcasa, Cheapcast, and Google's hiring spree

As the device known as Chromecast gains steam, an ecosystem is being expanded around it. Google's intended purpose for Chromecast was to make connecting Google apps and services – not to mention their Android software on devices galore – to displays of all sizes, specifically in the television realm. Just weeks after the initial launch (and subsequent sell-out) of the Chromecast device, it's not just Google that's expanding its efforts in the "Cast" arena.

One of the most recent additions to the ever-growing collection of apps tossing in software support for Chromecast is Bitcasa. This is a cloud storage service that works with Android (amongst other operating systems) to allow users to store their media off-device, similar to Google Drive. But while Google Drive doesn't quite support the instant "casting" of video, photos, and all media in-between to a Chromecast device, Bitcasa is stepping in to take the open shot.

Bitcasa is also amongst the growing number of systems to pledge support in the near future for Chromecast without actually issuing an update to their app as such – we'll see an update (one must expect) from the lot of them, soon.

NOTE: See our full Chromecast Review right this minute to gain a greater understanding on what the device is all about!

Meanwhile you'll find an app by the name of Cheapcast attempting to steal a bit of Google's Chromecast thunder with an app that makes essentially any Android device into a Chromecast replacement. Instead of plugging a Chromecast unit in to your TV, you plug an Android device in using an HDMI cord (with or without a converter, depending on the device).

Once plugged in, Cheapcast allows a second Android device to wirelessly connect to the first with essentially the same abilities that they'd be given with a Chromecast. At the moment Cheapcast is free – we'll see soon if Google is OK with the developer of this app emulating their new business model for absolutely no charge.

Earlier this week Google Glass and Chromecast team member Ossama Alami pointed his Google+ following toward the Google Developer Relations Jobs portal. He did this saying that Chromecast and the Cast SDK were in need of a bit of help in the form of Developer Advocates, Developer Programs Engineers, and Tech Writers. This collection of workers will be aimed directly at the Cast Developer Relations team.

Next we're expecting news of Google re-stocking the Google Play store with Chromecast devices at least, if not word of additional in-store stock across the country. At the moment there's such a shortage that Ebay is the current best shot prospective users have at nabbing the hardware – harsh!