Chromecast iOS Setup App Arrives In The App Store

Google may have released the Chromecast with support for Android and iOS, however it wasn't until today that a setup app arrived in the iTunes App Store. This didn't mean that iOS users were left waiting for the app, but it should make the setup process a bit easier for some. If nothing else, it means iOS users will no longer need a web browser to get the Chromecast up and running on their home network.

The Chromecast app brings support for the iPhone and iPad provided they are running iOS 6 or later. And aside from the initial setup process, the Chomecast app will also allow users to manage their settings. For example, the app can be used to change the device name or to adjust a WiFi password just in case you have any changes to your home network.

While this app should be nice for those who are sporting an iOS device and still planning to buy a Chromecast, there does appear as if some things still need to be worked out by Google. By that we are referring to the recent pulling of the AllCast streaming app. That app was released for Android users and came by way of Koush. AllCast would allow users to stream content stored locally on their handset.

Basically it appears as if Google isn't quite ready to give up full control over what is able to be streamed and successfully blocked the AllCast app with a Chromecast update. Thankfully though we are seeing some of the supported apps add new features and functionality. Not all that long back a YouTube app update added "Cast" previews for iOS and Android users.

The key now remains finding a Chromecast available for purchase. Inventory went quickly when the device first launched and has been coming and going since. With that in mind, those thinking about a Chromecast purchase may benefit from our earlier published review.

VIA: Chrome Releases