Chromecast CyanogenMod tweak enables media streaming from any app

If you've gotten the chance to play around with the Chromecast yet, then you'll know that streaming options are very limited, with only support for Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play. However, while we wait for more streaming services to add support for the Chromecast, CyangoenMod developer Koushik Dutta has a temporary fix, following up with a similar update he posted a couple days ago.

Dutta made some tweaks to an upcoming CyanogenMod build by adding the ability for users to send audio or video from an app to the Chromecast. The only catch is that the Android app with the video or audio must be using the default Android media player. However, this includes most apps, if not all apps that include a video or audio component.

Dutta also explains that this tweak will allow local content on the phone to be beamed to the Chromecast, mentioning that any videos or audio files that you have stored on a microSD card can be played on the Chromecast. He shows off the tweak in a demo video below, with it working with and BeyondPod in this case.

The demo looks pretty straightforward: Simply just boot up an app, and a notification will pop into the tray saying "Play on Chromecast". Tap on that, and you'll be able to play video and audio on your Chromecast through that app. There's also no need for developers to update their apps with the Chromecast API.

Of course, this latest build isn't available yet, and Dutta doesn't mention when exactly we'll see this update, but he shouldn't have to worry about Chromecast beating him to the punch with a feature like this, as we're still waiting for more content support to roll in for the HDMI dongle.