Chrome Wii Case

If you thought Nintendo's Wii would be overshadowed in your games room by its chunky PlayStation and XBox cousins, then think again.  Harnessing the awesome power of chrome, XCMLiVE turn the shy and retiring slab into an eye-catching nugget of shininess that is ideal for accidentally reflecting the sun into your face and burning out your corneas.


They don't actually dip your console into molten metal, of course, it's a replacement case and matching stand.  It's claimed that fitting it is easy, although you might do well to invest in a set of handy screwdrivers!

At $37.99 it's bound to get some buyers, and there's something about the Wii that makes this exercise in ostentation slightly less wretched than other console mods I've seen.  The kit will also be available in Crystal Blue and Black.

XCMLiVE [via technabob]