Chrome split-screen browsing launches for iPad

Google's own mobile Chrome web browser has launched split-screen browsing for Apple's iPad running iOS 9. This latest update, pushed out in the App Store today, takes advantage of one of the most eagerly-anticipated features of the latest iOS version, allowing you to have Chrome open on one side of the iPad screen while another app occupies the other half.

That goes a long way to turning the iPad into a far more satisfactory multitasking device. What previously would've demanded jumping in and out of the app switcher menu can now be done on a single screen.

That is, assuming the apps you want to multitask with are updated to support Split Screen use. Apple outlined exactly how that would work back at WWDC 2015 earlier this year.

In practice, that means swiping in from the side of the screen pulls up a menu of compatible apps. Once a second app is loaded, you can adjust the width of each by sliding the center point across.

The updated app is now available on the Apple iOS AppStore. You'll need to be running iOS 9 and have an iPad Air 2 or an iPad mini 4 in order to use it.