Chrome scores hands-free voice search

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 27, 2014, 6:12pm CST
Chrome scores hands-free voice search

If you’ve become fond of the convenience that comes with going hands-free (and you’re a Chrome browser user), Google‘s latest announcement is right up your alley: hands-free voice search in Chrome. It is a simple yet notable update that has the potential to make users’ daily activities far more efficient.

Google points to one of the times hands-free search can come in handy — cooking, particular the times your fingers are covered in flour or some other keyboard-fouling substance. You could pause to wash up and then search, but it is a hassle, one that can be completely avoided using voice search.

The latest Chrome Beta offering brings with it hands-free voice search, which can be performed by opening a new tab or heading to Google’s homepage and saying the familiar-to-mobile-users “Ok Google” command, followed by your search query. The feature is heading out to US English users across all three major desktop operating systems over the next few days.

Furthermore, the feature will be coming to other languages and Chrome OS “soon”, though when that time frame is hasn’t been narrowed down. The feature will need to be enabled by clicking the microphone icon in Google’s search field, after which point voice commands can also be used to set a reminder or timer.

SOURCE: Chrome Blogspot

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