Chrome OS Re-Announced at Google Chrome Event

Chris Burns - Dec 7, 2010
Chrome OS Re-Announced at Google Chrome Event

As you know, our man Ben is at the Google Chrome event today and he’s feeding us back info as he gets it. Today, amongst talks of updates to the Google Chrome browser as well as a Chrome Web Store comes a new batch of news about Chrome OS. Follow us live below. “Nothing but the web.”

They begin by demoing on a Windows machine. Then straight to a Google Chrome OS notebook. This machine goes from startup to ready to use in under 60 seconds. Take a peek at the startup pics in the gallery below.

They emphasize the ability to access all of your materials, especially apps, anywhere, from any machine running Chrome OS, anywhere anytime, same experience. Same Experience Anywhere.

“A True Cloud Computing Device.” Speed in starting up, booting, re-booting, waking up, everything instant. Friend’s Log feature allows you to look through the web in true incognito mode (incase you’re on your friends computer, for example).

They note how this OS, even though it’s based in the internet, you’ll be able to work offline just fine. On the other hand, a Google Chrome OS notebook will be able to connect with 3G and eventually LTE. With these connections, a person can use their cloud connection to the rest of their devices “cloud print” and have their document ready at home having printed it from a taxi cab.

“100MB free data every month for 2 years on Verizon, no contracts. pay for what you need. Plans from $9.99. No activation, ovrage or cancellation fees. Easy self-activation process.”

Security includes not only the castle that is the Chrome browser, but in Chrome OS – Seamless, automatic updates, Sanboxing, User separation and instant encryption for all data, and most important Verified Boot. Copies of everything are kept incase something goes wrong.

CIOs businesses are also interested in Chrome OS, their interests boiling down to three points: Security, Simplicity, and TCO Total Cost of Ownership.

Citrix Systems works with businesses and suggested the ability to download updates on security systems and additional software directly from the device.

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