Chrome for Mobile revamped: Multi-tasker integration, more

Chris Davies - Jun 25, 2014
Chrome for Mobile revamped: Multi-tasker integration, more

Chrome for Mobile is getting a refresh, with Google announcing that there are now over 300 million active users this year, a tenfold increase. The reworked app uses Google’s new Material Design language, but with a speed increase too. Meanwhile, there’s also integration with the new multi-tasker UI.

For instance, as well as recent apps, the multi-tasker will also now show individual tabs in Chrome for Mobile too. That means previously opened tabs will be included alongside native apps, for more efficient switching.

Previously, Chrome would show up once in the multi-tasker, but you’d need to navigate to it and then within it to get to different individual tabs.


It’s not the only improvement in integration between web and native device content. The new Chrome for Mobile will allow all developers to link webpages with references to content within apps to open in those apps, rather than in the browser.

So, you can search for a restaurant in Chrome, and have the result open up in the app from the restaurant itself, assuming it’s installed. Similarly, searching from the Google box on the homescreen will open up relevant results within apps, like Google Maps.

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