Chrome Apps come to Mac

Will Conley - Dec 11, 2013
Chrome Apps come to Mac

Google has announced the release of Chrome Apps for Mac. The platform was initially released in September for Windows and Chrome OS. Chrome Apps work like mobile apps but for the desktop.

Mac users will now be able to use Chrome Apps by downloading them from the For Your Desktop area of the Chrome Web Store. Downloaded apps will be accessible via the Chrome App Launcher — which comes standard with any Chrome App you download — in the Dock. From there you can take advantage of any number of the offline-centric offerings.

The Google Chrome Blog mentions a few examples apps you can now use on your Mac. WeVideoNext for video editing, Smartsheet for project management, and Until AM for lightweight DJ-ing are mentioned. The app selection will continue to grow as time goes on.

Chrome Apps are designed like Web pages, except with less Chrome, fewer buttons, and a variety of features you can’t get through standard browser protocols. Most Chrome Apps work offline, and they all include a bevy of security features built-in, such as Sandbox. They’re designed to integrate seamlessly with your desktop experience, with automatic background updates and push notifications — again very much like the apps on your Android, iOS or Windows Phone device.

SOURCE: Google

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