Chrome 92 improves phishing protection, adds more Chrome Actions

Everyone talks about steps to take in protecting your security and privacy on the Web, but, to be honest, not all security measures are easy to understand or use. Some come with a plethora of options that overwhelm people, while others impact performance and the overall experience in exchange for better security. Chrome 92 was just released on all platforms to address those issues by making it easier to access relevant security and privacy settings and by mitigating the performance impact of certain security features.

Chrome's initial settings screen on Android can be a bit deceptive as it shows only the top-level categories. There are some settings particularly related to site permissions, that are hidden a few layers deep. With the latest version of Chrome for mobile, simply tapping on the lock icon beside the site's address will immediately offer site-specific settings, like permissions for hardware, to save you from having to dig through the app's main settings.

On desktops, Google introduced the idea of Chrome Actions that lets users immediately jump to a specific setting just by typing it out on the Omnibar (address bar). It saves you a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes since you don't have to go through the settings menu and then search for the specific settings. Chrome has now expanded that set of Actions to include options like "safety check", "manage security settings", and "manage sync".

Not all security measures are simple switches, though. Things like phishing protection and Site Isolation, the latter for mitigating the Spectre vulnerability from 2018, often come at a price of performance. Google promises that with the latest Chrome 92 release, Site Isolation has not only been improved but phishing mitigation is also 50 times faster and more battery-efficient.

These improvements highlight the need for users to always keep their web browsers up-to-date. As Internet miscreants get craftier and bolder, browser makers must step up their game to stay one step ahead. At the same time, users should also make sure they're able to take advantage of the improved security and convenience that the latest software versions offer.