Chris Pratt raps Forgot About Dre perfectly in-sync with original track

Guardians of the Galaxy's Star Lord brings the heat. You may have seen the original video of Chris Pratt rapping a Dr Dre track earlier this week – now a fellow by the name of Trey Tech has synced the audio and the video up with the original track. It's hot. You need to deal with it.

First you'll need to see this new track. It shows Chris Pratt rapping Eminem's part from the song Forgot About Dre. No more distractions, just dreams:

Then you'll want to see the original which gives the whole situation a bit more context. This shows how Pratt, speaking about music with the radio show host DJ Whoo Kid with Shade45 and The Whoolywood Shuffle, mentions that he used to listen to Eminem and Dr Dre when "The Chronic 2001" was first released. He mentions how he knows every lyric to the songs from the first Eminem album and 2001 from Dre, launching into this song henceforth.

If you weren't aware, Chris Pratt plays Star Lord / Peter Quill in the new Guardians of the Galaxy film out in theaters now. He's also the voice of Emmet in The LEGO Movie and the TV show Parks and Recreation as Andy Dwyer. He's going big.