Chitika data shows Samsung Galaxy S dominance with 7, 10.1-inch tablets

The folks behind the network known as Chitika, generally known for their advertising network, has shown data detailing the breakdown of Samsung mobile devices during the month of December, 2013. The study seeks online ad-impressions across all Android devices, breaking down smartphone and tablet data, then by devices, showing here what they suggest is "the largest single Android manufacturer traffic source", suggesting also that Samsung's tablet share in the United States in web usage trails behind Apple's iPad and all tablet devices (combined, as a brand) made by Amazon.

Here it's made clear that though Samsung offers one massive cross-section of devices of many, many sizes in the Android universe, they've got just a few devices that take up the majority of the traffic together. The study here was done between the first and the 29th of December in 2013, with tablet sizes called out by size and smartphones by name. This study was done on approximately 300 million U.S. and Canadian ad impressions.

Also of note is the face that this number of impressions is not just unique visitors. Instead it's marked by page views, meaning one unique device can rack up more than one impression. In other words – this is a graph of how much each kind of device is used, not how many devices have been sold/are out there in the wild.

The results are in – according to Chitika's study sample, the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4 are, together, bringing up more than 57% of the Samsung smartphone share as a whole. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 takes up 23.8% of Samsung's smartphone whole, while 33.9% of the whole is taken by the Galaxy S III. Meanwhile the Galaxy Note is a mere 13.3% of Samsung's whole smartphone share, made up of less than a percentage point for the original Note, 8.6% for the Note 2, and 3.8% for the Note III.

Oddly enough, 10.4% of Samsung's smartphone share is in non-Galaxy devices – Windows Phone, low-cost oddities and the like. Everything "Galaxy" outside of the S and the Note takes up 8.3% of Samsung's smartphone share.

As for the Samsung tablet share there are two undisputed champions – 40.3% of this share given to the 7-inch display, and 53.2% given to the 10.1-inch display.The 8.9, 8, and 7.7-inch display shares are, together, making up 6.6% of the tablet share as a whole. No matter how many sizes Samsung throws at the public, they've already done the deed – two champions for the time being.

So too can you conclude from this data for Samsung's smartphones. Samsung has revealed more screen sizes in smart devices than any other company – by a margin that it'd take years for any other company to catch up with. The key is in the promotion of their heroes over the past several years – the Galaxy S III was pumped up larger than any smartphone that came before, and the Galaxy S 4 more than that again.

It'll become interesting when the Galaxy S 5 is released – to see if the trend will continue, and the Galaxy S III will fade away. We'll also see if the Galaxy Note can ever edge a percentage place in the greater whole – good luck on that.