China agrees to discuss cyber security with U.S.

China is willing to talk with the United States about the ongoing cyber security issues that have befallen them recently. It's been a back and forth war between both the United States and China. The U.S. accused China of hacking into various businesses and news sites, while China insists that they have been the victims of many cyber attacks as well, many of the attacks which supposedly came from the U.S.

It all seems like the blame game so far, but hopefully things will come to an end soon. China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chuying, said that China is willing to discuss the issues and cooperate with the international community "on the basis of the principles of mutual respect and mutual trust." She stated that cyber security is a big issue and that China is one of the biggest victims of the attacks.

This statement comes one day after Tom Donilo, the national security adviser to President Obama, gave the Chinese government 3 courses of actions to follow in order to end the cyber attacks. He told China to give public recognition of the issue, give their assurance that the Chinese hackers would be targeted and dealt with, and give their consent to taking part of forming worldwide cyberspace standards.

Senior officers of the People's Liberation Army were outraged by the United States's accusations and demands. Major General Liu Lianhua from the Guangzhou Military District stated, "This talk from the U.S. has no foundation whatsoever. And what evidence is there? There isn't any!" Another deputy from the Nanjing Military District called the United States a "thief calling others a thief." Mandiant, a U.S security firm, provided a 60-page report indicating that a majority of the cyber attacks came from China, a report that China dismissed because they believe the IP addresses were spoofed to place the blame on them.

[via Reuters]