Chevy Volt Evatran Plugless Power charging shown off

The thing that has always bothered me about plug-in hybrid cars is that I know I would forget to plug the car in. I would come home, unload the car and then the next day it would have no power. I also think that having to plug in your car each time you come home would be more irritating that having to plug your phone or laptop in constantly.

A company called Evantran has a cool new charging solution called the Plugless Power wireless/proximity charging system this isn't the plug in sort of charger like the 240V unit I talked about last year. This is a charger that stands in the garage and has this round disk that the driver pulls up over to charge. When the charger is aligned and charging the Volt the green light on the charger will glow.

The cool part is that the charger is very efficient with 90-91% efficiency between the wall to the car. Once the power shoots across the gap between the charge disk and the car it is able to maintain 97% efficiency. The higher the efficiency the faster the Volt batteries can charge. The charger is in the testing phase right now. The home charger will sell for $2,000 and the outdoor version will $3,000.

[via Autoblog]