Chevy Volt 240V home charging unit gets a price

Shane McGlaun - Oct 8, 2010
Chevy Volt 240V home charging unit gets a price

Green car fans all around the country have been excited to see the Chevy Volt finally hit the market and get a MSRP. The high cost to purchase the Volt was a bit of a letdown for many, but the lease rates are reasonable. Many who buy the volt will also want a home charger for the car that allows the battery packs to be topped of as quickly as possible.

To charge as quickly as possible in the home users will need the 240V charger that Chevy is pushing from SPX Service Solutions. That battery charger has been priced and at first glance, it seems cheap enough with a MSRP of $490 before installation.

The 240V speed charger can recharge the Volt in about four hours rather than the approximately eight hours a normal 110V wall outlet takes. The big rub with this charger is that the installation of the unit is about three times the cost of the unit itself at an estimate of $1475. SPX manages all aspects of the installation of the charger for the buyer from getting permits to the actual installation.

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