Chevy Bolt production paused amid massive battery recall

Chevrolet is having significant problems with its electric Bolt vehicles. The problem started with some of the vehicles catching fire. Subsequent investigations revealed defects in the battery packs. Initially, Chevrolet initiated a small recall targeting specific vehicles. However, not long ago, it expanded the recall to cover every Bolt EV produced.

A new report claims that General Motors is temporarily ceasing production of the Bolt in response to the latest battery recall. The recall is significantly impacting the bottom line for Chevrolet, with reports indicating it has cost the company nearly $2 billion already. Production on the 2022 Bolt and Bolt EUV has been canceled until at least the middle of September.

Previously, production of the vehicle had been stopped because Chevrolet was unable to get the chips required to complete production. Unfortunately for Bolt owners, the repair process for the defective vehicles isn't going on as of now. The hold-up on the recall repair process is because GM is waiting for new battery modules from LG in South Korea.

GM wants to be sure the new battery packs are in good shape and aren't defective. The worst thing that could happen for GM at this point would be to replace battery packs and then have the fires continue because the new batteries suffer from the same issue. A recent report suggested that the issue leading to fires in some Bolt vehicles might be due to a miscalibrated robot used in the assembly process for the battery packs.

While a high-profile recall due to something as catastrophic as a fire risk in vehicles that have been sold has certainly damaged Chevrolet's reputation, GM has said it will continue to collaborate with LG for EV batteries. GM has stated it intends to make LG pay for the recall.