Chevrolet Bolt recall has been expanded massively

Chevrolet has been fighting negative publicity surrounding its Bolt electric vehicle. Multiple Bolt EVs have experienced fires due to problems with battery packs inside the vehicles. Earlier this week, we mentioned that some Bolt owners would get new batteries, but the battery replacements were only for vehicles produced during a specific window.

Now, a report has surfaced that GM has greatly expanded the Bolt EV recall. The expanded recall covers every single Bolt electric vehicle sold globally since the model was introduced in 2017. The recall is specifically to address battery problems that have led to fires in multiple vehicles.

The expanded recall adds 73,000 additional Bolt EVs built in the 2019 through 2022 model years to the previously announced recall. That previously announced recall covered 69,000 Bolt electric vehicles on its own. The NHTSA confirmed the recall and noted the recall added an additional 59,392 Bolt EVs in the 2019 through 2022 model years.

Essentially, the recall covers every single Bolt made and includes the new Bolt EUV model as well. The massively expanded recall will cost GM an additional $1 billion. In addition, the automaker is seeking at least partial reimbursement for recall expenses from the company that made the batteries, LG Chem.

GM tried to address the battery problems with software updates that limited the maximum charge state to 90% of the battery capacity. However, more fires happened after that software update was released. Exactly what GM plans to do to fix the issue in the recall isn't clear. However, we do know it was going to replace battery cells for some of the previously recalled vehicles. It's unclear at this time if every Bolt GM has produced will receive new batteries.