2014 Chevrolet Black Ops Silverado offers body armor, aims to take on the apocalypse

Chevrolet has rolled out a new truck that is sure to make your neighbors give you a second glance, aiming to satisfying the survivalist in you while offering all the trimmings you'd need to survive a zombie apocalypse (or perhaps a government shut down): the 2014 Chevrolet Black Ops Silverado. The Black Ops is a body-armor equipped truck decked out in black and packed full of features you won't find on the average run-of-the-mill vehicle.

In fact, Chevrolet is hailing the specialty edition 2014 Silverado as a "survival kit on four wheels," giving it a masculine design with hints of both traditional tactical/utilitarian and survivalism-chic elements. Seemingly all parts of the four-door truck are meant to serve a specific keeping-you-ahead-of-the-pack purpose, whether offering an edge over less robust vehicles or otherwise.

Aside from body armor, the Black Ops edition has a Truck Vault mounted on the bed, in which the driver will have a couple of gas masks, solar power, a military-grade first aid kid, a shovel, gloves, and rope. Water can be transported via an on-board water tank, extra gasoline can be carried with a fuel canister, and wayward objects can be hauled with a front-mounted winch.

There's a crate stocked with food, as well as a generator for charging appliances without having to do some potentially damaging manual connections under the hood. Despite the rugged nature of the truck, however, it is still being aimed at those who want a cushy ride, with the interior including a variety of expected modern and luxury items.

Among the interior offerings are yellow-piped black seats, MyLink for media access from a mobile device, and more. Chevrolet plans to show off the model in Las Vegas soon as the SEMA show, but no word on pricing or availability has surfaced yet.