CherryPal 'cloud computer' promises cheap online utopia

Startup and cloud computing aficionados CherryPal have unveiled their first compact PC.  Powered by a 400MHz Freescale mobileGT MPC5121e processor, the 10.5oz computer has a scant 256MB of RAM, 4GB of flash memory and WiFi b/g.  So far, so meagre, but the CherryPal's saving grace is the online software and storage suite the company is promising.

Rather than have huge hard-drives sat under our desk, CherryPal are betting that we'd rather buy cheap, low-power (and low-power-hungry) mini-PCs and use any of the multiple online storage and Office apps.  The bonus is that all that data is then available anywhere you go, as long as you have internet connectivity.  CherryPal are supplying the machine with a version of the Debian Linux OS.

Of course, we've seen something a little similar to the CherryPal PC before: Linutop's compact solid-state desktop.  Like the CherryPal, the Linutop uses a low-power computer and flash memory; the Linux OS ships on a removable memory stick, or alternatively can boot from across a network.  And, like the CherryPal, the main stumbling block is the price.  CherryPal are yet to reveal their MRSP, but a combination of a niche product and a weak dollar has forced the Linutop price to $410.  Against that, an Eee notebook looks mighty appealing.

[via Krunker]