Chang'e-3 Rocket Debris Damaged Two Homes In China

A few days ago, China successfully launched its Chang'e-3 mission to the moon. The rocket lifted off on December 1. While the launch went smoothly for China, some rocket debris did cause damage to property in the area. Two houses were reportedly damaged during the launch.

No deaths were reported from the falling debris coming from the rocket. The rocket lifted off from the Xichange Satellite Launch Center in the province of Sichuan. However, the debris from the rocket launch fell into a village in the nearby Hunan province.

Photos have reportedly surfaced showing a Chinese man standing by a desk-size chunk of the rocket that fell through the wooden roof of his home. One of the owners of a home that was damaged by the debris was paid 10800 yuan in compensation. That is about $1800.

The other person with a home damaged by debris received 5200 yuan in compensation. Some Chinese officials are calling for a program to handle any compensation for damage caused by this sort of mission rather than handling claims on an individual basis. Chinese authorities relocated 180000 residents in Sichuan and Hunan before the lunar probe was launched.

SOURCE: Reuters