CES 2008: Orbitsound Promise Stereo Audio From Single Speaker Enclosure

Some might say it's the holy grail of audio: getting stereo sound out of a single speaker enclosure, and ridding your room of the cables, multiple boxes and other detritus we've relied on before.  British company Airsound have developed what they're calling airSOUND, a "single point stereo" system that apparently has no 'sweetspot' position but instead provides total balanced audio in a space, and just to prove it works they've set up the Orbitsound product range launched at CES 2008.


Airsound the company have licenced airSOUND the technology to a number of European manufacturers, who apparently have products using the system in development, but so far their Orbitsound range consists of three items.  The T3 'personal stereo aura' device is a compact, lanyard-worn speaker designed for use with an MP3 player or PMP, which creates a soundfield around the listener as well as using the body's chest cavity as a natural resonator for bass frequencies.  You can also plug headphones in for total privacy, still using BODYSOUND.

The T6 is a valve dock for an MP3 player and a single speaker, intended for home use, with dual-triode valve pre-amp, while the T12 is a soundbar intended to sit underneath a flatscreen TV and includes a powered sub, iPod dock, auxiliary inputs and remote control.

Currently seeking worldwide distribution, there's no estimated price-tag or availability date for the range.