CES 2008: OpenMoko partnered with DASH to make their new GPS units

James Allan Brady - Jan 2, 2008

So do you remember that cool little cell phone that looked a lot like a Helio Ocean but it was from OpenMoko? It was called the Neo 1973 and it was a mobile phone that was completely open, due to the fact that OpenMoko is actually a completely open platform for many products to be made from.

Well, it turns out that wasn’t the last we were to hear of the company. In fact, that cool little nav unit I talked about a while back, that was made by DASH, yeah, that’s a cooperative effort between DASH and OpenMoko, meaning that GPS unit should also be “open”.

In case you forgot, the DASH unit was the one that could connect to the internet and could have routes sent to it from a web browser and could do all sorts of other things. The device is up for pre-order for $599 and then there are the monthly fees for the GPRS access, but they are far lower than you’d pay a cellular provider for unlimited WWAN access. I guess we’ll find out more when we go to CES 2008 as OpenMoko, and likely DASH, will be there.

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