Dash Navigation Dash Express GPS units up for pre-order

I don't think we've covered this unit here before, so let me explain. Physically, it has a 4.3" 480x272 widescreen touch-screen, a 2 hour battery life, and appears to sit on the edge of your dash (go figure).

The important part is the extra features which primarily use GPRS and WiFi networks. One feature allows you to send a route directly from a web browser to your device, regardless of where the device it.

Another such feature allows your unit to be updated on traffic situations so it can redirect you around traffic jams. I am sure there are more features, but the fact that its more or less a 2-way GPS system is awesome. The unit itself is on pre-order for $599 and will hopefully be shipping in February next year, due to the GPRS access and the Dash Network access there is also a monthly fee at $12.99 a month on a monthly basis, $10.99/month for one year, or $9.99/month for 2 year subscriptions.

Dash Express GPS Available for Pre-Order [via DigitalTrends]