CES 2008: IPEVO SOLO desktop Skype phone now with WiFi

Chris Davies - Jan 9, 2008

IPEVO have announced an upgrade to their SOLO desktop phone for the Skype VoIP service that adds WiFi connectivity to the attractive device.  Revealed as part of the company’s updated range at CES 2008 – which also included compact wired handsets, a desktop speakerphone and a webcam designed for VoIP use – the SOLO now can be used away from a wired network connection, in any location as long as it is near power and within range of your wireless network.


 IPEVO SOLO Skype WiFi desktop phone

Unlike USB handsets for Skype and other internet-telephony providers, the SOLO needs no connection to your PC; in fact, it works regardless of whether your computer is switched on or off.  I like the design, too: clean and fresh, but familiar enough to make using Skype straightforward for non-techies in the house.

IPEVO SOLO Skype WiFi desktop phone

A 2.4-inch colour display, speakerphone, three speed-dial memory keys and support for SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Skype-to-Skype and Skype Voicemail rounds out the feature-set.  The WiFi dongle can also be added to a SOLO phone you currently own.


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