CES 2008: Emtrace Technologies Credit-Card Sized Widget Display

Emtrace Technologies were showing off their credit-card sized widget viewer, Photoskins, at CES Unveiled, and has won a CES Best of Innovations award for the ultra-compact real-time media display.  A mere 4.7mm thick and made from glossy black ABS plastic and aluminium with a 2.5-inch LCD TFT screen, it can display photos downloaded from a variety of online media sites such as Flickr and Picasa. 


Plug it into its desktop stand, and Photoskins displays live widgets from your computer – weather, stocks, webcams and more – automatically synchronising them.

Emtrace previously won a CES award, at the show in 2007, for their WidgetStation.  No release date for the Photoskins widget viewer has been set.

Emtrace Technologies